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Hi, I am Autumn!

Hello, my name is Autumn and I hope to help you thrive. My approach to therapy is creative, flexible and highly collaborative. I practice from a postmodern, humanistic lens and hope to tailor your therapeutic space to meet your unique needs. I take the stance that you are the expert on yourself, and together we can discover that which helps you feel whole. I am honored to walk alongside you in your healing journey to foster your inherent strengths and celebrate what makes you uniquely you.


I emphasize mind-body integration and utilize different approaches including Internal Family Systems, mindfulness and narrative therapy. I strive to create a space that embraces diversity and allows for honest exploration of one’s various identities, values, beliefs, traditions and worldviews. I believe that we can build a safe and trusting environment to help you navigate life’s ups and downs and overcome barriers that have contributed to feeling stuck. With a focus on holistic wellness, I provide compassionate care as we work together to create a healing space that honors and celebrates your unique story. In my free time, you will find me spending time with my partner and our two kittens. I love to listen to music or make art, or perhaps get outside and do some hiking or kayaking. I look forward to helping you heal!

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If you are interested in working together, please outreach me today for a free 15-minute phone consultation!

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